Most Effective Choices For Singapore Based Wallpaper Now

Most Effective Choices For Singapore Based Wallpaper Now

When furnishing a room, it is often difficult to give originality and character to the environment.Using wallpaper, even just on one wall, for example by laying modern wallpaper, helps to make it unique, welcoming and particular.

Choosing the most suitable paper, given the vast choice that we find on the market, from textures to 3d wallpaper singapore, and being able to match it correctly is often difficult.One of the solutions could be to combine the wallpaper with existing details and colors in the furnishings or accessories. This trick works great in both classic and modern environments and contemporaries like the one shown in this photograph.

“Shoes” of Artistic wallpaper, Pop art line

The available patterns are many, whether we choose modern or classic wallpaper singapore, but if, in addition to defining the style, we combine fabrics, carpets and accessories with colors that reflect some details of the paper, we obtain a very particular and impressive result.

The wallpaper adapts to any type of environment, not just modern

The choice of pattern or color changes according to the type of furniture, whether classic, modern, contemporary, vintage, etc. This helps us understand how to match the wallpaper as shown in the photo below.

Classic wall

To avoid exaggerating, the basic rule is to tie the rooms to the correct colors, regardless of the style of furniture.

  • To match the wallpaper it will be necessary to follow the same rules that apply to the painting of the rooms, that is, they can be applied as regards the choice of paper, and the possible coordination with the colored walls.
  • Warm colors such as yellow, orange, red and derivatives are suitable for living rooms, therefore they are suitable for wallpaper in the kitchen and dining area, as these shades stimulate concentration and sociability.
  • For these environments, papers are suitable that reflect these colors in whole or in part, and the patterns to be applied are many: geometric, abstract, with natural elements and pop art.

The green is instead associated with the nature, the outdoors and to the trees as well as being the color of knowledge and illumination. It is perfect in environments such as the living room, and all areas of the house used as relaxation areas. Even with green we can dare by inserting abstract and geometric elements, or natural landscapes, very relaxing.Blue, gray, purple and their derivatives are the colors of depth.Cards of these colors can be inserted throughout the house, they are particularly suitable for sleeping areas.


The floral motifs in lilac variants are interesting, or blue and blue textures, geometric and abstract elements, pop art, shabby chic and images of well-known characters, perhaps to be usedwallpaper behind the bed, as in the photo below.

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